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that familiar scent

It feels so good to be breathing in this familiar scent of mine in my own room which is in my own house.
It has been so long since I sat at my study desk, doing what I love to do - thinking back on my life and future. Dictating my memories and my emotions that come along.
My previous phase of life was initially filled with the strong desire to be married, and it continued with never ending plans for wedding.
Wedding cake, wedding gown, the deco setup, the march in song, the gifts for parents, the time plan for the day, the lovely friends and guests.
10th Oct 2015.This day marks an end to all wedding planning, also a mark to a new kind of busyness.
My mind was so occupied and distracted on that day. I am still feeling happy running through the whole wedding event of our beautiful day in my mind. I sat in my bedroom that early morning with the makeup artist putting on layer and layer of cosmetic to form my enchanted look for the morning. It didnt strike me that I will not return to my cosy room feeling the same anymore.
The bitter sweet thought didnt strike me till one day after the wedding. I am the same me but not exactly the same now. I sobbed as if the old me had passed on.
8 more day to us being one month married. I no longer smell a subtle scent of myself. It is now a combination of body scent, twice the strength.
Marriage- when two become one. That goes the same for body scent too.

I miss myself. The old me.