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It has been a long time since i attended an art lesson.excitement is common.

What i did today brought me back to childhood.
The grown me possess a different mindset.

Mosiac art with Jenny, and cheryl.
glad that we have the same interest with coloured tiles of different shapes and sizes.
matching different tones of colours and textures of tiles to form images and patterns.
we were briefed on how to match, and choose, and how to position the coloured tiles into an image or a pattern.
we drew.
we cut.
we teared.
we sticked.
we matched.
we chatted along the way.
6 hours passed fast without us knowing

it was not as simple as a 100 pieces of puzzle, showing mickey family going for skiing holiday.
we met onto difficulties.
it didnt look nice in the beginning until grout was applied.
i doubt my effort and the quality of my work.

BUT what we got from Jenny were encouragement.
"You did great!"
"Good Job!"
"Well Done!"

I agreed with Jenny that Mosiac art is all about you changing.
If the position of the tiles didnt turn out well in contrast to what we expected.
If the tile didnt successfully end with one complete tile like how you started off with,
keep going.
do something.
never give up.
it goes the same for life.

Mosiac art or we can say art, is not about perfection,
it's about how you perceive it as.

my theme was LOVE SONG.
two love birds singing with one heart.
i love my work!

and phileo for waiting with empty stomach

when all the fun people gather

this is a creative story made up by all the creative people during yang chiak's birthday party.

                It was the most perfect weather to swim at the Woodlands Swimming Complex. There stood Chiak, red as a cooked Boston lobster, gracefully stripping off his lacy blouse and Levi’s jeans, thus thoroughly exposing an outstanding pair of Spongebob Squarepants boxers matched with the curls of his leg hair. Everyone watched transfixed as that huge figure began dancing the Hokey-Pokey as a warm up. This was followed by a little yoga-like stretch that involved putting his feet over his head. From his position, he tried his best to leap into the pool while still trying to look elegant. Miraculously he succeeded., only to realise that he had unintentionally emptied the entire pool.

                Cherie gasped with utter bemusement and with a flabbergasted look, she realised there won’t be any swimming thus she decided to leave for the malls instead. Upon reaching Sunnyside mall, she was spell bound by the enormous number of cartoon characters shopping inside. The cartoon characters includes transformers, avatar, Toy story toys, iron man, spider man, batman, spongebob and Patrick, bugs bunny, mickey and Minnie and last but not least Donald duck. At that point, she unexpectedly bumped into noi, who was browsing for items in an anime shop. Both squealed in surprise and delight and immediately launched into an excited conversation about their favourite characters. “Wouldn’t it be great if they actually came to life?” sighed Cherie longingly. Then, to both of their astonishment, the Mr. Potato figurine that Cherie was holding opened its mouth and laughed sinisterly. She got a shock, fainted and was sent to the A&E. After she woke up, she saw avatar beside her. The avatar asked if she wanted to learn something cool, which was to change herself into a female lobster. Suddenly, the avatar change from blue colour and become red colour and changed into a lobster. And the avatar is actually Chiak. Chiak jumped on her and scream. Acting like a crazy lobster and slow turning into seah. And suddenly all the seah/siah/swam out from the pool. Suddenly, and all the seah/siah/in the pool poo-poo-ing. The poo & wine mixture trickled into Cherie’s nose & spilled out of her eyes. She then started blinking furiously & her face turned as pale as a sheet of paper. She shrieked SUP YO!! SUP YO!! & En appeared out of nowhere. There stood En, an innocent and clueless young kid. But, is he who he simply appears to be? As Cherie went closer to En & attempts to pat his head, En suddenly unzips his skin and out came, CHIAK avatar! But he was different from the usual avatar we’ve seen. Chiak avatar was red and hairy and with spongebob boxers but he has that signature USB hair avatars have! There’s no mistake! The lobster and avatar in him have merged! Giving birth to this mutant! Cherie got a SHOCK of her life! What she has been secretly hoping has finally came true! “Oh my! My prince!” She thought. This was a dream for her. She couldn’t forget Chiak after she met him in the hospital even though he jumped on her. Chiak avatar layed eyes on Cherie and thought to himself “I’m hungry”. #?!*O-!!%@!! WHERE’S MY BROWNIE!!??! SO HUNGRY AND THIRSTY THAT A YUMMY COKE CAN SATISFY MY SOUL. But it was not brownie and coke Chiak was craving for. It was the feather of a Hippoguff! Their feathers actually taste like brownies and coke. These tasty feathers could only be found in the pockets of one who could ride a flying elephant. Riddled by this knowledge, all Cherie could do was kick Chiak in the head hoping it will crack open to reveal the handsome Chiak she loved. But when she did, Chiak blocked her kick with the reflexes only Harry Potter would have! All of a sudden, the raging Chiak started to mutter Jamie Oliver. Speaking of Jamie Oliver, she recalled that she forgot to go Singapore Pools to bet England winning the World Cup! She immediately grabbed the now emo-ing man-beast and ran to look for her Bookie, he who must not be named!

                Totally ignoring Chiak in her frantic search, Chiak started to regain his consciousness, something near the level of a koala, and started imagining marshmallows.  Finally, Cherie found her bookie he who must not be named! Chiak laid his eyes on him and let out the most terrible fan-girl scream ever! The bookie was the one and only Fawkes the Pheonix!

“Hey boy,” said Fawkes, winking at Chiak. Chiak fall in love immediately and disintegrated into a meek puddle of fan-gillism.


Notes: Fawkes was he who must not be named due to the legal issues of being a bookie.


------                                                                              The End                                                    
typed by my hardworking boyfriend phileo chua jun wen

Jun. 18th, 2010

i want to have a cold shower
have a facial mask
a claim of massage 'voucher'
sip on my favourite hot peppermint tea
read a book
read online cosmopolitian
burn aroma therapy aloe and linen
appreciate the silent night
lick on peach flavoured FROLICK
drive xiao hei around to explore
drink lots of water
watch bao bei walking around and play
watch him screams and eats
stay up late and do nothing important
meet ve people lim kopi
smell burberry weekends around me
have you around.

the shit semester one is over.
enjoyable to learn.
hateful to be not prepared
dreadful to not know the answers to questions
well, it's over
next sem hui geng hao!

good growth?

happy with the current yun after what realisation had provided me with.
the common saying is, no one will be satisfied.
i am not satisfied.

i need the discipline to get myself on track with what that are coming.
there are forces pushing me forward, there are tension stressing me.
but they do not produce any effect that will move me.
what's happening?

i know this is growth.
but is this a good growth?
the does-it-matter is back. hopefully it's not back for good.

jia you yun

songs and time

listening to songs on Nic Thuganomics.
songs made alum9 meet, and i truely hope time will not affect us.
nothing of an influential factor to us.
ben and nic in army, paul and kh going to army.
xiu in swizz, ding going to ireland.
pauline, tian, yun studying in singapore.
i see the pattern.
2 years later we will all be stronger!
i miss you all.

silence of the night
with no one talking
everyone is asleep
songs playing
what is the thing that is active?
my mind.
once in a while i need this silence.
to reflect upon everything.
get things in track, get life back to shape, get self in place.
is this where i am suppose to be? what am i suppose to do?
i think i am.
i need to work hard too.

work live read run love cook eat drink sleep sing play swim
something new in my life

can i request for the time not to pass so fast?
take your time, time

filled with misses

HI loves,

food food and more food.
where there is food, people meet.

Thanks for everyone's time and effort for making it down to downtown east chalet for my party blast!!! Despite having the need to pay that one buck entry fee, hunt for parking lots, and squeeze for bus 354, and also to come from our neighbouring msia. nomatter what is the time

Appreciate all of your work on cards, prezs and help-yourself-to-makan spirit. WOOT I LIKE! However some prez are without names (can msg me if you rmb you didnt put down your name). Sorry if the entertaining was insufficient.
The friend book was gorgeous filled with everyone's wishes. GREAT THANKS!

Hope the food was enough for all, up to expected quality and varieties. Hope the BINGO game was good, and winners like the prizes!

SWEAT! first party. the effort and time is really worth it.
I would like to thank my family for the bao sua bao hai, downtown east for confirming two rooms, BBQ crew/ crisis management team/ logistic committee/ deco club/ driver/ DJ/ welfare/ fun contributors/urshers ( you know i mean who, yun LOVES you all! ve+friends+aunts), small little cousins cake distributors, food contributors, drivers, 3 photographers, little bro and contributor of bingo paper, and LASTLY EVERYONE WHO ATTENDED THE PARTY! *breathe

aims of caiyun's 21st party aka makan and gathering session MET!
all of you made it possible.
from the bottom of my heart. THANK YOU!
the power of love and friendship

let's await the beautiful pictures

yun is very lucky.
to have you friends <3

new perspective

Sometimes the best and most wonderful and beautiful things are not describable and cant be accurately expressed by the use of words.
It's the work of actions and perceptions.
Not to mention the influence of determinants.

for you

I need to let you know.

That was appreciation. True.

It's not just appreciation,
but something more than that.
Indefinite to express.
Best results when observed.

Thank you.


Everyone needs a companion for life, no matter which stage of life you are at.
Be it a friend or a spouse or a couple.
It totally retarded of me to have this ringing in my head today. Today.
"What's wrong with people wanting to have a companion?"
in fact there is doesnt even have a wrong.

In Maslow's hierarchy of needs, love/belonging is ranked third on the pyramid of needs.
It is not a want.

j u s t  s h u t  u p  a n d  k i s s

but there is something in me that cant
what is it that is holding yun back
reliability and credibility

what is what?

weak and lethargic.
what i need is sleep.
it is such a waste to let this peaceful night tick pass.


my mind need bits and peaces, forming a completed picture.
i seriously dont know what is what now.
what does this mean? what does this show?
one side of me is nagging, is it so important to know?
the other side is pushing its luck further and further.
a complete picture is not essential at all time, aint it?
so what's now?
they are not reliable.
it is dependent on subjective opinion.

truthfully i want a restore to default.
i dont mind a restoration point of busy periods.
an empty mind lingers.
it makes everything self created. low credibility.

taste buds detect the worse and the best taste.
does the contraction of the heart muscle tell you exactly what it means?
not at all. not reliable.
it is the brain.
so it is the H word i mentioned before. HABIT.

focus yun.
running clear mind.
behavioural determinants

what the hell is yun DOING?