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a mind of my own

things were getting excited with all the plannings.
from here to there. to do this and that.
i wanted to fly off just the next instant.

i thought it could be carried out even if i am alone.
i thought my decision can be carried out as a definite plan when the time comes.
i thought this time, i dont want to be affected by any stray comments.
i thought this time i can refuse to go through the decision again and again.
i just dont want to think too much.
i didnt even thought that i am being selfish.

probably i am tired after so much thinking.
yea the weights.
but i think i had tried to let go too much weights which includes my responsibilities.
responsibilities as a love bird in this case.

life is kind of contradicting and full of conflicting ideas.
i guess it mostly consist of the conflict between self or others (especially your lovely family)
i want my own freedom to do what i want.
i want to not regret my life by not enjoying it to the max in doing what i want.
my family wants me to be around.
i have my beloved.

yun learnt something precious from her forgiving and wide hearted love.
if everyone has a mind of their own, thinking just for themselves, there will not be any commited relationship.
thank you love.
thank you God.
for everything.