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the common words cried out louds by kids are mummy, i and want.
all the sirens of ah and sobs are not words.
we can see that they are very self focused that they only see what they want.
until a certain age then they realise there are others in their life. more than just mummy.
we can also see that they fear loss.

i saw a girl of age 3 years old or so crying for mummy after her mummy alighted the train without her,
leaving her to daddy.
her dad reasoned to her,
although she knew the reason.
she knew her mummy has to work tomorrow.
however, she wailed on.

after some read hard sobbing and wailing,
they will eventually stop with tired breathing and swollen red eyes.

what are the things you are most afraid to lose now?
do you remember when you last cried for mummy?
i remember.
during the young time when i just wanted mum to guide me with ironing of my uniform.
even though grandma wanted to do it. at that moment i just wanted mum. and her attention.
the latest incident was nightmare related.
i woke up crying. my body jerked with every sob.
the dream was something related to mum and loss.
mum hugged me like a baby.
it felt so real to be fearful.

treasure everyone before the loss.
despite knowing that loss is unavoidable.